4 Infant Classrooms (8 weeks - 18 months)

The nursery at CCDC is a fun and cheerful place for babies to spend their day. We divide up the kids by their developmental stage, so that the environment is safe.

Positive interactions between caregivers and children foster an infant's sense of trust and self-esteem. The nursery is full of toys and equipment that are stimulating and safe.

There are many opportunities for both gross and fine motor development. Play activities and interactions focus on the development of large muscles for sitting, crawling, standing, and walking, and small muscles for grasping, reaching, holding, and picking up objects.



3 Toddler Classrooms (19 - 35 months)

Class Routine: Toddler I  |   Toddler II  |   Toddler III

The classroom space and materials in our toddler program are organized to support the children's need to physically explore, discover, and be independent. Caregivers reinforce positive behaviors, set limits, and are consistently available to support the toddler's conflicting need for independence and comfort.

The toddler program is expanded to include curriculum areas of art, science, language, music, and movement. Toddlers are encouraged to participate in daily routines to develop and feel confident about self-help skills.

Activities provide repeated opportunities for sensory experiences that help strengthen and develop large and small muscles, hand-eye coordination, and promote thinking and communication skills.



3 Preschool Classrooms (3 - 4 years old)

Class Routine: Preschool I  |   Preschool II  |   Preschool III

The preschool program focuses on helping children use all of their senses in learning. This is achieved by scheduling time for teacher-directed academic lessons, projects, and circle time as well as daily free choice play, using a variety of materials and equipment.

Each class has a well structured curriculum that covers the areas of language, math, science, arts & crafts, music & movement, physical activities, and guidance lessons. Classrooms are organized in various center areas that are fun for kids to play, socialize and learn.



2 Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms (4 - 5 years old)

Class Routine: Pre-Kindergarten I & II

The prekindergarten program focuses on helping children gain skills and knowledge for kindergarten. The curriculum fosters multiple aspects of children's learning and growth – social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative.

Teacher guidance and practice help children develop social skills. They learn about themselves and others through purposeful play and activities. Children gain skills of reading and writing through exposure to the richness of literature, and the introduction of letters and their corresponding sounds.

They learn to correctly grip the pencil, form letters and numbers, and cut with scissors. Mathematical concepts of number, geometry, and problem solving are imbedded in various games and activities; one-on-one, and in small groups inside and outside classroom environment.


School Age

1 School Age Classroom (5 - 12 years old)

Class Routine: school age

The school age program offers a safe and fun before and after-school program during the school year. Children are engaged in free play in the mornings before the students of Aquarian Charter School are walked to school in a timely manner.

Students of Aquarian Charter School are then picked up after school, where they are assisted with their homework before having more age-appropriate free play time. School age children from other schools are also welcome to this classroom.

Full day programs for school age children are available on in-service days as well as school holidays, if the Center is open. During the summer months, a full-time program is offered with educational activities integrated with play to keep children learning and having fun over the summer.