About CCDC



1. CCDC provides a high quality and developmentally appropriate learning program in a safe and creative environment.

2. CCDC respects and teaches children to respect the individual, their history, and their culture. 

3. CCDC works in partnership with parents. 


Our philosophy

Crystal Child Development Center offers an early learning program that is individualized according to a thorough understanding of the child’s unique developmental process, interests, and needs.   The following is our philosophical framework for our program:

· We believe children learn all day through play.

· We believe children learn best in a positive environment that is designed to foster their self-confidence and self-esteem.

· We value and respect the uniqueness of each individual and their culture

· We believe that children learn through relationships: child-child, child-caregiver, child-parent, and child-community. 

· We believe parents are important partners in a child’s education.